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Muda Tatesa

Heirloom | Washed | 1800 - 2300m

Blueberry, honeysuckle

 Available as espresso and filter 


Welichu Wachu processes coffee from a number of growing zones including Harsu Haro muda (Muda Tatesa)

All the coffees come from one of the 36 grower co-operatives, each farmer cultivating coffee in what’s known locally as ‘coffee gardens.’ Each farmer grows roughly 1000 to 1800 trees per hectare.

Welichu Wachu washed coffees soak in water for 4 – 6 hours before being dried on raised beds for 5 – 6 days.  The parchment is frequently raked and then covered during hot midday sun.



*We roast on Mondays and Tuesdays. All orders placed before Tuesday 9am (AEST) will be sent out on Wednesday morning. All orders placed after that will be roasted the following week. **If ordering later in the week, we may have some spares on hand that we can send to you straight away.

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