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Los Robles

Pacas and Parainema | Washed | 1500m

Apple pie, banana and maple

 Available as espresso and filter 


Coffee has been a key part of Otoniel’s life for as long as he can remember. He used to help with daily tasks on his fathers coffee farm and always enjoyed helping with processing. Otoniel started experimenting with farming practices on a small piece of his fathers land when he was 15 years old. Now his own son helps him on the farm. In 2015 Otoniel decided to try and sell his coffee on the specialty coffee market. He has always strived to give his children a good education and quality of  life, so he decided to go the extra mile to produce high-quality coffees.



*We roast on Mondays and Tuesdays. All orders placed before Tuesday 9am (AEST) will be sent out on Wednesday morning. All orders placed after that will be roasted the following week. **If ordering later in the week, we may have some spares on hand that we can send to you straight away.

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