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$5 Flat rate shipping. Orders above $50 free


Currently consisting of:

80% - Colombia, Gaitania - Washed

20% - Ethiopia, Kochere Bonde G1 - Natural


Toffee, milk chocolate, berries


/ˈparədʌɪm/ noun

1. A typical example or pattern of something;
 “ society's paradigm of the ‘ideal flatty’ “

Paradigm is a well developed blend designed to be rich and sweet. The components were chosen with milkies in mind but with the berries coming through from the natural Ethiopian, it still goes great black.


Milk recipe -      Dose 20g  |  Yield 44g  |  29 seconds

Black recipe -    Dose 20g  |  Yield 46g  |  29 seconds

94ºc, Linea PB, Mythos 1


*We roast on Mondays and Tuesdays. All orders placed before Tuesday 9am (AEST) will be sent out on Wednesday morning. All orders placed after that will be roasted the following week. **If ordering later in the week, we may have some spares on hand that we can send to you straight away.

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